First off, thank you for considering contributing to propeR. It’s people like you that make propeR such a great tool.

Following these guidelines helps to communicate that you respect the time of the developers managing and developing this open source project. In return, they should reciprocate that respect in addressing your issue, assessing changes, and helping you finalize your pull requests.

What to Contribute

propeR is an open source project and we love to receive contributions from our community — you! There are many ways to contribute, from writing tutorials or blog posts, improving the documentation, submitting bug reports and feature requests or writing code which can be incorporated into Elasticsearch itself.

Ground Rules


  • Ensure cross-platform compatibility for every change that’s accepted. Windows, Mac, Debian & Ubuntu Linux.
  • Create issues for any major changes and enhancements that you wish to make. Discuss things transparently and get community feedback.
  • Don’t add any classes to the codebase unless absolutely needed. Err on the side of using functions.
  • Keep feature versions as small as possible, preferably one new feature per version.
  • Be welcoming to newcomers and encourage diverse new contributors from all backgrounds. See the Python Community Code of Conduct.

Working on your first Pull Request? You can learn how from this free series, How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub.

Getting started

How to submit a Contribution.

  1. Create your own fork of the code
  2. Do the changes in your fork
  3. If you like the change and think the project could use it:
    • Be sure you have followed the code style for the project.
    • Send a pull request.

How to report a bug

If you find a security vulnerability, do NOT open an issue. Email instead.

When filing an issue, make sure to answer the questions in the Bug template.

Code review process

The Campus looks at Pull Requests on a regular basis but cannot unfortunately guarantee prompt implementation of Pull Requests.

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