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DSC-88 Economic impact of the UK fishing industry on local areas

StevenH-DSC GIS R internal data visualisation

Fishing activities are a key economic driver in many rural and coastal communities. This project involves bringing together public data with data from the Office for National Statistics’ Inter-departmental Business Register (IDBR) to assess the UK fishing industry.

DSC-85 UN Global Platform - Mapping the urban forest

phil8192 joepeskett-dsc GIS ML big data chainer cities deep learning environment hacking java open data python shell script vision

Following up from our recent Mapping the urban forest research, this short-term project aims to deploy our image processing pipeline on to Algorithmia - a distributed computing environment used by the UN Global Platform project.

DSC-69 National Materials Datahub

mshodge StevenH-DSC jlathamONS GIS big data environment live streaming data open data synthetic data time series vision visualisation

The long-term vision of a National Materials Datahub (NMD) is to provide the UK 1st single version of truth for materials information in the UK, open for public good. The NMD is an innovative research project at its early phase to investigate feasibility, developing a Minimum ...

DSC-64 Evaluating calorie intake

bailey-r health stata stats

This research explored novel data sources that could help improve the accuracy of official statistics on calorie consumption from food. The analysis focused on the use of biometric data to statistically re-calibrate estimates derived from national survey data.

DSC-46 How green is your street?

phil8192 joepeskett-dsc garethpryce cities data journalism environment visualisation

A collaboration led by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Visual team which uses vegetation index data produced by the Mapping the urban forest project to produce a data journalism and visualisation output. The short-term project will explore novel ways to visualise the ...

DSC-14 Public transport access to services

phil8192 mshodge jlathamONS GIS R cities hacking hot open data research transport visualisation

An inability to access services can have negative health and economic effects by increasing social isolation and limiting job prospects. The propeR tool uses multimodal (private and public) transport networks to help others analyse accessibility.

DSC-13 Risk factors for loneliness

JazzGrimsley NLP awesome big data clustering health help wanted python research scraping

Determining the risk factors for loneliness across the UK with good geography. Loneliness is a perception that is hard to measure directly. Our approach is using health data as an outcome measure of loneliness and treating loneliness as a hidden variable.

DSC-24 Classification of financial services

cu-noyvirt ML NLP economics hacking scala spark stats

This project explores whether it is possible to classify financial corporations to their detailed Standard Industry Classification 2007 (SIC2007) using data on their financial assets and liabilities, and other firm-level information. The project makes use of a number of unique...

DSC-23 Improving the ONS search engine

user624086 thanasions lanthao2018 ML NLP OR R clustering python stats time series

We investigate challenges related to the site search function of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) website and make recommendations on possible improvements. Although there is a wealth of literature on search engine optimisation (SEO), most solutions are designed for c...

DSC-21 Mapping the urban forest

phil8192 joepeskett-dsc GIS ML big data cities deep learning environment hacking hot open data vision visualisation

In collaboration with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Natural Capital team, we have developed an experimental computer vision method for estimating the density of trees and vegetation present at 10 metres resolution along the road network for all 112 major towns and c...

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Projects in active development

DSC-128 SDG 6.6.1. Surface water

bonhamc Yiannis20 alistair-ons environment open data research

The aim of this project is to research and develop techniques for rapid monitoring and assessment of changing extents of freshwater bodies in relation to operationalising SDG indicator 6.6.1: “Change in the extent of water-related ecosystems over time” in different country con...

DSC-107 Payments data for public good

louisanolan SharonHill katemilligan awesome big data cities clustering economics finance time series

The Campus and Barclays are working together on developing payments data for public good. Payments data is one of the top 3 sought-after data sources for economic statistics. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has seconded staff into Barclays to explore the data, and wh...

DSC-87 Flows of tenants within social residential accommodation

StevenH-DSC ML agent based modelling clustering python visualisation

This project explores mathematical models to simulate tenant flows, and clustering techniques to represent the different patterns of support and care provided for segmented tenant groups. It aims to answer the question: “what can we learn about the system behaviour of resident...

DSC-70 Novel approaches to the Living Costs and Food Survey

cu-noyvirt louisanolan David-Pugh lanthao2018 jeremyrowedata emily-tew IanGrimstead ML NLP awesome deep learning hacking hot internal data python stats vision

This project aims to explore the application of computer vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Living Costs and Food Survey (LCF). Specifically, we will produce a set of tools for automatically extracting textual da...

DSC-40 Improving garden green space statistics

bonhamc sonjW IanGrimstead GIS awesome cities environment hot vision

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) publishes a regular statistic on natural capital, including estimates of natural land or green space in the UK. Currently, these figures assume all residential garden space is green. This project will generate a more accurate estimate o...

DSC-12 Estimating housing conditions and energy efficiency

bonhamc sonjW ML big data cities deep learning help wanted python research scipy scraping

The Welsh Government are trying to improve the evidence base they use for supporting policies in housing, energy efficiency and fuel poverty. Currently, evidence on housing conditions has relied on data from the Living in Wales Property Survey 2008 which can no longer represen...

DSC-28 Understanding characteristics of high growth firms

sonjW David-Pugh NLP awesome big data hacking internal data python research

Through this work the Campus is supporting the Data Enabled Change Accelerator (DECA) project led by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), which aims to identify the characteristics of businesses with high growth potential. The Campus is explorin...