About this site

This site contains a collection of informal ramblings, notes and technical articles by individual data scientists from the ONS Data Science Campus and also guest posts from other individuals.

An important note…

The site is 100% maintained and controlled by individual data scientists, mainly in their spare time. For that reason, any views, opinions or technical content are totally informal and should not be regarded as formal ONS output in any shape or form. Views expressed on this site belong exclusively to individual authors.


The Data Science Campus already operates a high quality, official blog. This site has been setup as a type of “notebook”, or specifically, an informal “Campus log” in which we post notes, and sometimes more detailed technical articles on a range of data science topics which may or may not be directly related to our work within the campus.

We believe in transparency and working in the open

The site is hosted on Github and makes use of Github pages. Authors add new posts to the site on an entirely ad-hoc basis. As mentioned previously, a “post” may be a technical article, some lab-notes, a snippet of code or just an idea that might be worth sharing.

Any projects we mention here are discussed in more detail on the Campus blog. And of course we won’t be publishing any data, statistics, or results here unless they are already published on the Data Science Campus blog or ONS website.

In summary, this is an entirely informal site. Expect to encounter lots of typos and inaccuracies!