The Data Science Campus uses GitHub for hosting private and public code. We use our private repositories for project management and developing our tools and algorithms. For within the Campus, we have created a private template repository, to make working our way easier for our workers. Here we will share some of our ways of working.

The Data Science Campus works in an Agile manner, and adopts a project life-cycle process where a project is first pitched as an Idea to other Campus workers. An idea can come from a Campus member, or from a stakeholder. This proposed project is then taken to a project board where a decision is made whether to take the project into a Discovery phase. In this phase, project workers aim to test the feasibility of the idea, explore the datasets, conduct an ethical review, and get user stories from the stakeholders. During this phase we work in an Agile manner to meet our objectives. After a successful discovery phase, the project may more into Delivery phase. Again in this phase, the Campus works in an Agile manner. Working with our development team we then develop a tool that can be used by our stakeholders to answer their research questions. This final stage is the Dissemination phase. Finally, after we have successfully deployed and/or handed over the tool the project is marked as Complete.

In order to track how a project moves through the various stages, we have setup a Project board on GitHub, where each project is an Issue. This Issue then can be assigned to a phase on the Kanban board. Using an Issue as a project ticket also allows us to tag assignees, labels and

Michael Hodge


Senior Data Scientist at ONS Data Science Campus.