DSC-72 Data science for NICE guidance

This project targets the ongoing ‘surveillance’ of guidance recommendations through the following search functionality:

Given a recommendation, retrieve similar or related recommendations Given a set of keywords, retrieve related recommendations Given a set of keywords, retrieve a wider set of related keywords A data driven classification of terms will also be investigated to assist in this search.

Team members

  • Jasmine Latham
  • Thanasis Anthopoulas
  • Bernard Peat
  • Ian Grimstead
  • Rubin Henstra-Hill

The need

To automate the NICE guidance development and review process to:

  • decrease the length of time it takes, cutting costs
  • make updates more active than reactive
  • improve the quality and scope of intelligence gathering and search


First draft project plan from NICE Potential project with ONS data science labV3.docx

Data science

• What’s new, innovative, shiny, difficult, interesting about this? • What is the data science stack ? E.g., algorithms, ML methods, programming languages etc. • Does it use ONS infrastructure or expertise, or extend capacity in some way? Stakeholders • Campus • HR Analytics, Elaine Mahon • GDS


  • NICE - Kay Nolan, Fiona Glen
  • Likely use case for OGDs

Code and outputs


• [X] January 2019 Project started • [ ] March 2019 A milestone • [ ] August 2019 Another milestone • [ ] Future Estimated delivery

Further information

Please contact datasciencecampus@ons.gov.uk for more information.


  • No updates yet.


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