DSC-54 Automated report generation

Creation of a pipeline for automated report generation with access to online application programming interfaces (API’s).

Team members

  • Arturas Eidukas
  • Louisa Nolan (supervisor)

The need

This project is trying to reduce the time spent on manual reports, by automating report generation.

The pipeline will have uses beyond a specific example and can be adapted for wider use on other similar automation tasks.


Faster and less time-consuming reporting will open up resources to be dedicated to other more productive tasks. This will ultimately provide the same information to decision-makers with more efficiency.

Data science

The methods will use R and the R Markdown functionality to produce the automated reports. This will involve some data cleaning and the pipleline will be made flexibly so it can be applied in other similar areas.


We are working closely with Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEu) who are the main stakeholder for this.

Code and outputs

A generalised version of the code could be published upon completion.

Many similar projects have been undertaken in different contexts. Relevant code might already exist. This will be clear when the project is started and any useful code repositories will be referenced.


  • October 2018: project started
  • November 2018: project delivered

Further information

Please contact datasciencecampus@ons.gov.uk for more information.


2018-12-04T12:39:30Z Project finished. The code and procedures were handed over to stakeholder and will be taken on board and developed further to add further functionality.

The code output will unfortunately not be published as it was not generalized sufficiently to not be sensitive.


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