DSC-53 Optimising Census 2021 rehearsal fieldwork



The aim of the census optimisation project is to work with the Geography team to review the the approach proposed to optimise the allocation of households to field agents during the 2021 census.

This work was pitched in March with the project board giving its approval at the next session.

Team members

  • Chris Bonham
  • Steve Hopkins


  • ONS Census team


A period of pre-discovery investigated the following three areas:

  • Is the proposed technique technically and practically sound?
  • Are there Python libraries that can be used to solve the problem?
  • Is there functionality within ArcGIS that can be used to solve the problem. ArcGIS is the tool currently used by the Geography team

The findings of the pre-discovery were presented back to both the Geography and Census teams. A final review the proposed solution and associated code will be undertaken by COP 2nd August 2019. The census team have confirmed they are happy with our course of action. No additional discovery or development will be undertaken as part of this project.

team members

  • Chris Bonham
  • Steve Hopkins


  • ONS Census team


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