DSC-5 HR and People Survey analytics

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Team members

  • Bob
  • Alice

The need

  • What are we trying to improve?
  • How might this be useful?


  • What is the impact in terms of public good? (if any)
  • How will we share this - published work including code-base, presentations, training courses etc.
  • Who is using?
  • Any awards or feedback (e.g., comments, tweets)?

Data science

  • What’s new, innovative, shiny, difficult, interesting about this?
  • What is the data science stack ? E.g., algorithms, ML methods, programming languages etc.
  • Does it use ONS infrastructure or expertise, or extend capacity in some way?


  • Who are the Partners / stakeholders?
  • Who are we working with?

Code and outputs

  • What are the outputs? For example, a data product, repo, paper.
  • Links to (public) Github repositories.
  • Links to related research, other groups (inside + outside gov)
  • Related + similar projects


Use the - [ ] format to specify a general delivery timeline. Mark completed parts with - [x].

  • January 2019 Project started
  • March 2019 A milestone
  • August 2019 Another milestone
  • December 2019 Estimated delivery

Further information

Please contact datasciencecampus@ons.gov.uk for more information.


  • No updates yet.


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