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Team members

  • Bob
  • Alice

Impact (see the impact assessment framework for further details)

Which of the Campus strategic objectives would this project deliver, and how?

  • Each project needs to deliver on at least one of the strategic objectives, but it is not expected that a single project would deliver all five

What is the policy impact? Why is this project important?

  • How will decision-making be improved? And what impact will this have on the lives of citizens?

and / or

  • How will operational efficiency or value for money be improved? What will be the impact of this?

and / or

  • What is the impact of not doing this on our reputation?
  • How will learning be shared beyond the initial project? (e.g. through re-use, understanding data, best practice etc.)

What is the technical impact?

  • What is the data science you are expecting to use, and why is this interesting? (e.g. algorithms, ML methods, programming languages etc.)

and / or

  • Will the data use new or novel data sources, or use existing datasets in novel ways?

Why should the Campus do it?

  • how does the project use the Campus’ USP?

Portfolio balance and stakeholders

  • What themes does the project cover? (e.g. economics, health, natural capital etc)
  • Who are the stakeholders? (Include the client and any other stakeholders e.g. collaborators, data suppliers, and also potential customers for re-use, if known at this stage)

Project management

  • State the problem to be solved / draft research question
  • Are there any key deadlines? Or can the project start at any time?
  • Do you know what data sources are to be used, and if so what? How will these be accessed, including any likely security clearance requirements?
  • How do we know the client is committed to this, and that it is a priority for them
  • What are the risks and uncertainties? (These can be explored further in the discovery phase, if the project is accepted)

Code and outputs

  • What are the outputs? For example, a data product, repo, paper.
  • Links to (public) Github repositories.
  • Links to related research, other groups (inside + outside gov)
  • Related + similar projects


  • January 2019 Project started
  • March 2019 A milestone
  • August 2019 Another milestone
  • Future Estimated delivery

Further information

Please contact datasciencecampus@ons.gov.uk for more information.


  • No updates yet.


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