DSC-129 Cross-government workforce planning

Workforce planning for the public sector

Team members

  • David Pugh
  • Jonathan Rees
  • Ryan Lewis

The need

To understand if job descriptions and core skills/ attributes align to market descriptions (could this be a factor in attraction of the right talent?). To understand if there are large discrepancies in pay in government against industry for certain roles and in certain locations. To identify if there is emerging talent and opportunity in regions currently lesser known to government where relationships and future pipeline’s could be built. Is pay a factor in attraction of highly contracted roles in government? To understand where competition for government’s hardest to hire roles is most difficult from an industry competition perspective To understand who are competitors are to see if there is a correlation with pay.
To compare governments demand landscape to the market landscape in terms of demand. To test assumptions around criticality of roles due to competition

Data science

  • What’s new, innovative, shiny, difficult, interesting about this?
  • What is the data science stack ? E.g., algorithms, ML methods, programming languages etc.
  • Does it use ONS infrastructure or expertise, or extend capacity in some way?


  • Campus
  • HR Analytics, Elaine Mahon
  • GDS
  • Cabinet Office
  • Links to related research, other groups (inside + outside gov)
  • Related + similar projects


  • May 2019 Project started
  • TBC A milestone
  • Dec 2019 (TBC) Estimated delivery

Further information

Please contact datasciencecampus@ons.gov.uk for more information.


  • No updates yet.


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