DSC-11 Extracting economic signals from internet bandwidth consumption data

This project aims to explore if it is possible to extract economic signals and insights from publicly available internet bandwidth consumption data in a similar way that electricity demand and road traffic congestion are related to economic activity of some form.

Team members

  • Phil Stubbings
  • Joe Peskett
  • Jeremy Rowe

The need

There currently exists a rapidly growing industry around the use of alternative data for use primarily in the financial services domain. We are currently exploring the wider theme of deriving social and economic indicators from alternative data sources for use in improving and creating new and innovative statistical outputs. Our first project to emerge from this exciting research area aims to explore if it is possible to extract social and economic insights from publicly available real-time internet bandwidth throughput.


The initial output of this work will be in the form of a technical article.

Data science

The project makes use of a wide range of data science tools including real-time data acquisition and data engineering, exploratory data analysis, time series analysis, feature engineering, anomaly detection and visualisation.


This is a Data Science Campus owned research project.



Following a project board meeting on Thursday 23rd August 2018, it was decided to formally continue this project.


Philip Stubbings produced a report on the findings from this project in September 2019.


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