We are assisting the government with the collection and analysis of data that can assist with the response to coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK.

We are investigating how new data sources can be used to support decision-makers in the UK during the pandemic, ensuring government has the vital information needed to respond to the impact of this pandemic on our economy and society.

The new data sources could assist the government in a variety of ways, such as assessing the impact of social distancing, identifying the number of people in self-isolation, understanding changes to trade in goods and assessing the impact on businesses.

All new projects are subject to rapid ethical review to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place. We will report to the National Statistician’s (independent) Data Ethics Advisory Committee on this process.

In line with the ONS strict ethical and security protocols for data handling, compliance with data protection and other legislation, the team is drawing on the support of commercial organisations to collect the new data. We are not interested in personal information, only aggregated and anonymised data will be used

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